divendres, 27 de juliol de 2012

Learning Family... Titles!

Judit wanted to make another Science poster, and the only one she really needed to work on was "Family Titles". Sara was quick to name who was an Aunt, an Uncle or a Cousin, but Judit wasn´t so sure futher than Granddad, Grandma and (of course!) Mummy and Daddy.

To help her out, I drew a "Family Tree" for her, and she had to label who the person was - mainly by title, but if she wasn´t so sure of their title she put their name aswell. Sara helped Judit out quite a bit at first!

After they´d finished all their homework for the morning, the girls worked on drawing their own "dress up" game. They drew all the parts and told me to choose which ones I wanted, and then they added all the parts together to make me a picture! Unfortunately I don´t think the picture is quite finished yet so I can´t share the end result...

"What colour would you like...?"

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