dimecres, 27 de març de 2013

Building boats

We have started a new project this week and it is all about boats!. We have been looking at different types and Sara and Judit have been learning alot of how they work and have both been asking alot of questions and have been very enthusiastic about learning. We have decided for the big task in our project we are going to make a raft using plastic bottles so we have to start collecting as many as we can but before we make our large  one we decided we were going to make a small one each so Sara and Judit could better understand how it floats. Using plastic bottles, string and wood we made some boats and Sara and Judit decorated them and added their name flags. We then took them to the little pond to see if they floated, we also dropped in a bottle full of water and Sara and Judit were able to explain why one floated and the other sank. Little Jordi also seems to be really enjoying this project, playing with the boats and the water. We are waiting on a nice warm day and we are going to take the boats to the sea and sail them in it so we can see the impact the wind and waves has on the boats. Sara and Judit have also decided to add messages in their boats after remembering a story they have of a message in a bottle!