divendres, 15 de març de 2013

Busy week

This week has been very busy and very fun and Sara and Judit have been working really hard on their homework, as always the level they both work at on their maths for children of their age still amazes me and this week Sara has been working especially hard and getting full marks on mixed sums of multiplication, addition and subtraction. Next week we are going to move onto division which both girls are looking forward to. We have been working hard on verbs this week, sometime both girls have problems when they want to explain something so they are really enthusiastic about learning how to say this in the correct tense.
It was Jo´s birthday so we made her a sprinkle cake Sara, Judit and Jordi had loads of fun making this and made a lot of mess although they were  very good in helping to clean up afterwards.
As the sun came out this week we spent a lot of time in the garden playing races, digging and climbing tree´s also Jordi took his bike to the shop this week for the first time and he done brilliant keeping up with his big sisters. He was also really good with little Sergi this week talking to him and giving him cuddles they two i´m sure will be the best of friends!


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Anònim ha dit...

Wow! Looks like it's been a great week!
And I love the photos! So sweet!
Hannah :) x

............ ha dit...

Yes, Jordi takes care of Sergi all the time, every single moment, he really loves him!