dimecres, 6 de març de 2013

Homemade fun game

As the weather has not been so good lately we have been playing inside alot of the time and we have been playing alot of board games although this week Sara and Judit have became a little bored with the same games all the time so yesterday we decided to make our own game! First of all we found a dice with pictures on it instead of numbers and made cards and drew on the same pictures. Each picture ment a different subject, homework, impressions, drawing, storys and fairys. Sara and Judit then choose the tasks they wanted on each card including, act like a monkey, say the Alphabet, tell a story of a storm, draw a boat and even dress up like a fairy! We the rolled the dice and followed the tasks on the cards. We had alot of fun Sara and Judit love their new game and it was very inexpensive and easy to make and will give us hours of fun.