dimarts, 22 de juliol de 2014

Animal's list

Jordi recently has been focusing on learning animal vocabulary, and to help him enjoy learning this, I start by telling him to choose a photo of each animal first. We then compile all the images he has choosen together and add their names above, before looking for cartoons of each animal for Jordi to colour in afterwards. As Jordi chooses the images himself, he stays interested in what he is learning and has to talk to communicate with me to get the picture he wants. At first he started talking in Spanish, but after hearing me repeat “This one?” in English a few times, he has now started saying “this one!” himself.
Once printed out, I kept asking him which animal was in the photo I was pointing to. We have since made a second list of animals, and he  keeps the two together, When we are reading a story or playing, I keep asking him what type of animals there are.
Jordi also got a new book to draw and write in, so we looked at drawing and colouring in the numbers 1 to 3. The problem was he liked his new  book so  much, that he didn´t want to write in it!