dimarts, 8 de juliol de 2014

Romeo and Juliet

One of the questions the girls have to look up for Geography was “famous people/ inventions from this country”. This is a good way for me to introduce not only popular culture, but notable figures in history. When researching England, the girls came across “Shakespeare”, To teach them a little about Shakespeare´s plays, we started by watching a cartoon of his most famous – Romeo and Juliet.
After knowing the story, we built a small puppet theatre out of an old tissue box, and I drew  the main characters for the girls to use as puppets. While Shakespeare uses very poetic, old English, and can even be hard for native English speakers, the girls understood the story well and even asked me questions after. The last question on their famous person worksheet was “if you could go back in time and meet this person, what would you ask?”, to which Judit wrote; “Why is Romeo and Juliet so sad?”