dilluns, 18 de maig de 2015

The Vikings Project

This week the girls did a project on The Víkings.
To do this project the girls researched the internet and went to the libary and got books on The Víkings. After collecting all the information they needed they wrote out facts about the Víkings such as the history of the Viking women, the Viking men, the children, the food the ate and the childrens education. They stuck the facts on to card and they researched pictures of things such as the toys they had back then so they knew what they looked like and then they drew pictures associated with their facts and then coloured them in. I then gave the girls a quiz on the Víkings once we had done all the research and talked about it in the classroom over several days, they both did really well. We made a little boat like the Víkings had back then to put on top of their facts sheet.