diumenge, 6 de març de 2016

Some poetry

This week Judit and Sara focused on poetry, we looked at some poems from the poet Roger McGough and used some of the poet styles to try in poems of our own. We looked at the poem ‘the writer of this poem’ and recognised that throughout the poem there are similes such ‘as clever as a tick’. We recognise that similes compare two very different nouns using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’.
         We also looked at the poem ‘The fight of the year’ which is written as a boxing match between the seasons winter and spring. We realised that it was a clever intention by McGough to make it seem that the seasons were having a fight like competitors in a boxing match. Judit, in fact, cleverly referenced the poem to the classic Aesop’s fable of ‘The sun and the wind’ in how the elements competed to show off who was the strongest.    We called this writing device – personification where the writer gives a noun some very human or animal-like features. To have a go at writing our own, we found some common everyday nouns (not living) and used some very human verbs to describe what the nouns were doing. eg. The sink swallowed the water, then gurgled and spat.
        Jordi has concentrated in finding separate sounds in the beginning, middle and end of some words. He had a go, as well, at forming the letter shapes. He was very good at writing ‘d’. Jordi has practiced as well with sounds so that he can learn to be speedier in reading words. He is memorising a lot of separate sounds now but need to concentrate on blending these sounds.
    Sergi has impressed all of us this week with being able to count to six on his own. Without any help from his teacher or brother or sisters.  Now his target will be to count all the way up to ten and recognise the Arabic numbers for each amount. He can count amounts of numbers and not just recite the order. Amazing work Sergi!!
   In their maths, Judit and Sara have looked time problems. We used a number-line system to solve how much time passes from the beginning to the end time. Judit continued her maths skills to solve some timetable problems.
   Jordi is able to count up to ten but needs a lot of revision and reconsolidation with numbers past five as he is still confusing some numbers. He is now starting to count up to twenty and will hopefully recognise the teens numbers in their correct order. He has begun to match amounts up to fifteen.

In their science, Judit and Sara both have been looking at the ecosystem of a forest and considering the facts about each animal, this will lead into understanding how the food chain works in the next week.