dimarts, 15 de març de 2016

Writing Skills

This week the girls have been practising their story writing skills. They looked at a short video story called ‘teeth’ which is about two old men who are friends that have an argument. There was no speaking or narrative to the story, so the girls had to think how they were going to add the dialogue and atmosphere to the piece of writing to accompany the actions and behaviour of the characters in the story.  The girls first watched what was going on in the film and were asked to write the story. Later, they were shown how to add more effect, detail and description to the writing to capture the reading audience’s attention.
Another way that they learnt about story writing was to write a continuation of a story, they were given a short introduction in which they then had to complete the rest of the story using their choice of genre. They had to make their writing as atmospheric as possible.
This week, the girls also looked at a written multiplication technique called the grid method.  Using this method, the girls learned about partitioning numbers into tens and ones before multiplying. This method was useful in helping the girls to realise the values of each digit then to multiply these values together. The grid also helped the girls break down the multiplication problem into basic and more manageable steps.
Sergi and Jordi were having a lot of practise this week with learning their numbers up to ten in the correct order.  We played skittles with ten bottles and counted how many were left standing each time. Jordi practised with adding amounts under ten.

Jordi and Sergi read a book together called ‘dig and tip’ it was about the different trucks that have different types of jobs. The boys recognised that some of the words had similar sounds and we worked on our sounds, ‘t’, ‘p’ and ‘d’ and ‘g’. We were able to begin reading words that had these sounds in the word.