dimarts, 22 de març de 2016

Writing techniques

Sergi and Jordi have been practicing with their counting to ten this week. We had been counting how many pencils there were in the tray and how many numbers were on a dice.
Jordi had been practicing the cvc words that end in ‘at’ so that we can look for some word rhymes and change the initial sound to come up with a lot of different words to act and draw. We also had a go with finding the middle vowel sound with cvc words with ‘e’, ‘a’ and ‘u’.
In their maths, Judit and Sara, have been continuing with using the multiplication grid method and recognising the patterns in numbers better, they still need to watch their calculations and check back through their work where they make mistakes and correct these, as part of their improvement in maths but they are getting more confident particularly in multiplying bigger amounts together.
We are going to use a lot more powerful writing techniques in our stories next week so in order to this, we worked on using speech punctuation with speech marks and speech verbs. We did some important work on paragraphs. So that we can gain more of an understanding of our work presentation. We also looked at the purpose of conjunctions and used these in our sentences.  It will be great for the girls to use these ideas in their own work in the next two weeks.
As we have been doing quite a bit of cooking this week we have been thinking about measuring out adequate amounts and thinking about changing states of the materials we’ve been using. We had cooked an egg and recognised this as an irreversible state because egg can go from being a liquid to becoming a solid but it cannot go back to its original state. We considered what would be reversible changes we came up with chocolate and water as prime examples.