dijous, 26 de maig de 2011

Hello again!

Yesterday we did lots and lots of homework!!! Sara really wants to be able to read like Judit so we sat down to read whilst Judit got on with some writing. Sara wanted to read The Gruffalo, but she still doesn´t know ´little letters´ so we found a lovely simple book written in capitals. I was amazed at how little help she needed to start recognizing words.  English is a horrible language to learn to read because of its irregularity, but I´m always amazed how the girls seem to pick it up so quickly! Here is a short video of Sara reading her book:

Next it was Science time. We put Sara on a giant piece of paper and drew round her, then we coloured and labeled her with all the parts of the body mentioned in our science books, here’s a picture of the work in progress: