dimarts, 17 de maig de 2011

We are alive!!!

This week we’ve been doing some work from our science book, one of the first topics is about living and non-living things. First we read the book together, then we did some of the questions. Judit can almost do these questions on her own but a major problem is a lack of vocabulary in English, and as the girls have learnt English by speaking and listening, they don’t ever seem to translate from Catalan and so if they don’t know the word in English, it’s almost as though it doesn’t exist! But bit by bit with talking and learning they will pick up more useful words, especially now that they are beginning to read for themselves.
Anyway, as Sara can’t read complicated words yet, the girls worked very well together to place words from a list into two columns: living and non-living! Now we are making some big posters with words and pictures:

Also this morning we have been doing some more reading and writing, here are two short videos for you to see.
The first one is Judit making words from sounds and letters that we had worked on previously in our phonics books. The second one is Sara matching words written in little letters and in capitals. I haven´t actually spent any time specifically teaching Sara the little letters as they are written in English (which I did with Judit a couple of months ago), but Sara seems to have nevertheless picked quite a lot of them just from reading and writing in the English workbooks.
Bye for now!