dimarts, 10 de maig de 2011

Reading in English

Well you have seen that the girls are reading very well in Catalan now, but they can also read in English! Judit can read most words which are spelt similarly to how they sound and it's amazing how quickly she is learning to read words wich are spelt a bit strangely (and there are plenty in English!). Sara can read all the letter sounds in English and plenty of short words written in capital letters, this is a problem though because in England we learn to read typed and handwritten letters first (and handwriting is much more like this font in England, and not all curly and complicated like it is here!!!) so there aren't any childrens books written in English in capital letters. We found some written in English, but made here in spain, but unfortunately the English is somewhat dodgy (why they couldn't pay someone to have a quick read through I have no idea!).
Anyway, I'm amazed at how well Judit is reading English, so here's a little video:
Today I made lots of phonics flashcards with plenty of sounds made using a combination of letters, such as 'ow' in cow and 'ou' in house, tomorrow we´re going to play with them and hopefully soon Judit will be reading even better!
Bye for now, Jo

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Sylvia ha dit...

Waw it's wonderful how they are learning both in catalan and english!!
I am starting to work a bit more with Damian and Nora with this "english thing". We are reading phonics right now from teacher file box and I read aloud books of Dr. Seuss too.

See you!