dijous, 21 de juliol de 2011

English phonics...

We've been doing plenty of work from our funfonix phonics books recently, and Judit has been working on the long vowel sounds. We did some work on 'magic e' a while ago, but now Judit has been working on the long a sounds: a_e, ai and ay. She is able to read these sounds, although sometimes she will read it wrong a few times before getting the right sound! However, in writing she usually uses 'ei' to make the long a sound.

I found some lovely worksheets of wordsearches and word puzzles for each of the different ways of writing the long a sound. So far we have only done half of one wordsearch (its very hard, and there are 20 words to find!) but here are some pictures of Judit working on it:

Meanwhile Sara has been doing some work out of the funfonix book number 3, matching up big and little letters. In this picture she is drawing someting starting with each of the letters she has met so far in the books: