dijous, 7 de juliol de 2011

Worksheets, pies and cycling!

The girls just love doing homework! If we have a morning with lots of swimming, cycling, cooking or  playing they are quick to say that they haven't done ANYTHING! To keep them busy I found some really good worksheets on tlsbooks.com, with all sorts of activities from reading, writing, puzzles, maths, colouring etc! I made the girls some booklets of various worksheets and they have been enjoying working through the different activities. Here are a couple of videos of the pages we did yesterday:

Judit's reading activity.

Sara's sound recognition activity.

Today we started the morning with a nice little bike ride, I can't believe how well the girls can control their bikes now, cycling is obviously contagious (I´m a big cyclist!!) Here´s the girls ´mountain biking´, it must be pretty hard with such small wheels (and legs!)