dimecres, 28 de setembre de 2011

A happy baby Jordi!!

Little Jordi is becoming a real little person! He can almost walk and loves 'cruising' round the walls and furniture, it's great watching his taste and peronality develop. Today he was really hppy and whilst the girls were working he decided to play us a tune on the piano!! Here are some videos of a lovely morning's work.

(Little video from last week - I love it!!) Jordi loves spaghetti!! But it's a bit difficult to eat when you're only little!!

Jordi's tune!

Sara is practising joined up handwriting in English:

Judit has got really good at doing her news, here she is reading about yesteday:

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Lídia ha dit...

No puc veure els vídeos perquè internet no m'està funcionant bé aquests dies i no me'ls carrega! I me n'he quedat amb les ganes! Haurem de tornar un altre dia! Petons!