dijous, 22 de setembre de 2011

Writing and checking

I've not written anything for a few days, but we have been doing lots of homework!! As I've said before, every morning the girls write the date and the weather and then a page on wht they did yesterday. Judit has got very good at writing plenty of news. Recently I have been getting Judit to check her own spelling, obviously not for all the words she writes, but for the words she writes often and hs in her spelling book. This way the spelling book has two functions, one is basic spelling learning: look-cover-write-check, and the other beeing as a type of spelling dictionary for checking her work. It has taken a week or so for her to understand and be able to look through the spelling book for workds she has written and then to check them, but now she is getting very good at it! Here's a video and some photos of her checking this morning's work:

After the writing today we did some owrk from the science books, we're just finishing the chapter on living things, animals and habitats. Here are some videos of the girls working, look how much Judit's reading has improved!!!