divendres, 9 de setembre de 2011

Marshmallows, brownies and tidying the office!!

First task of the day for the girls was to sort out the office which was beginning to ressemble a pigsty... this took a long time but they did it really well, including hoovering! Here are the before and after photos:

We made marshmallows yesterday and they worked! look!!!

They are very sickly sweet, but apparently they will keep for at least two weeks (they're mainly sugar after all!), lets see if they last that long!

Next on the joblist today was cake making! All the grandparents are coming for lunch so we made a double batch of Jo´s super chocolate brownies! Half of the mixture had soe marshmallows added, but they disappeared during cooking!!! Judit did all the mixing, including breaking the eggs straight into the mix (with no shell!), whist Sara grated the secret ingredient and chopped marshmallows! Here are some videos of my little chefs:

Everyone loved the brownies - success! :)

2 comentaris:

Lídia ha dit...

Un petó ben gran per les dues que, a més, de ser treballadores i responsables, ho fan tot molt ben fet! I una gran felicitació als pares per educar-les tan bé!

Maria i Jordi ha dit...

Gràcies Lídia, un petó molt gran per tu també i pels teus quatre fills!!