dimecres, 5 d’octubre de 2011

Stick insects, handwriting and baby Jordi colouring!!!

Yesterday we did lots of writing. Sara wants to write using little letters so she has been practising writing the letter f - its very difficult to get the letter in the right place on the lines, but she does it very well, look:

Judit also has some problems putting little letter in the right place, particularly those with a long tail. She did some handwriting practise, first writing ´five fat frogs´and then writing 'Pippa's pink peppers'. Looking at the video I realised that she holds her pencil very badly, so I got her to hold it properly and her handwriting was much worse, but she needs to learn to hold it properly... Today we have bought some triangular pencils to try to help her to hold it better, we'll see if they help!! 
Here are some videos of her writing:


We also found a stick insect on the window, so we had to draw it and take some photos:

Finally, BABY JORDI IS ONE TODAY!!! What a fast year!! Today whilst the girls and I were playing dominoes, Jordi wet to the girls homework tables, found himself a pencil and started 'drawing' ! He was very happy: