divendres, 6 d’abril de 2012

Describing Words and Easter Eggies

Making writing interesting to read is the next step for Judit, to do this we need to start understanding the different types of words. Today we started doing some work on adjectives: describing words. As well as learning the grammar, this exercise also serves to widen the girls' vocabulary, which although very good for a second language, is quite limited. We cut some pictures out of magazines to describe, at first Sara had a lot of trouble describing things with anything but their noun: Sara what is this cat like? "it's a cat".... Eventually though, we got going and found plenty of nice adjectives. This is an exercise I will be repeating lots, as soon as I find some more pictures!!



Another good idea when writing is not to use 'and' all the time... I have been gradually persuading Judith to use more conjunctions in her writing, here she is using some time conjunctions (eg. 'then') in her diary:

And here's Sara checking her diary:

Easter is here so we have done some lovely collages and we blew some of our lovely fresh eggs (I went totally fuscia and the painter had a good laugh at me... fresh eggs are not good for blowing...)
Anyway, I eventually had five empty eggshells and we painted some nice eastery things on them with felt tip pens. I was going to make a nest for them with the girls.... but they have since been filled with chocolate and gobbled up!!! Here's some photos of our easter art: