dijous, 19 d’abril de 2012

What a mess!!!

The girls are tidying their bookshelves, it had become impossible to find any books at all so they have put everything on the floor and hopefully it will all be put back on the shelves nice and tidily... Jordi is also "helping"!!!

Judit has started working on a KEy stage 1 English book, Key Stage one is the British curriculum for ages 5-7 (ish) in infant school. The book is something similar to a revision guide, in that it doesn't do a lot of explaining, but there are lots of practise exercises. The first exercise is about alliteration, at first Judith found it really really difficult but very quickly she had understood the concept, at the moment she is lacking in English vocabulary which makes this kind of exercises more difficult, but with the amounnt of reading she likes to do, I'm sure her vocabulary is increasing very quickly!

The girls have a brilliant 'Grufallo' game, the aim is to collect all the family of animals in one colour, a bit like rummy with playing cards, and if you get the GRUFFALO you almost always win!! At first they didn't use much logic and strategy for the game, but with lots of playing they are now becoming experts so here's a little video: (on the topic of logic, Judith even beat my Dad in a game of connect four a few weeks ago, something I never managed to do!!!)

A couple of reading videos for you as well seeing as this is their favoutrite activity at the moment: