dissabte, 12 de gener de 2013

Times tables game

This week Sara and Judit have been working on their times tables, they both really enjoy math’s and are at a very high level with the sums they can do so we decided to spend more time now learning the times tables. Every day as part of homework the girls have both wrote out the two and three times table and have a good understanding of them so we made up a game to help them and start to bring in the three to ten times tables. A very simple and effective game we got small squares of paper and wrote the numbers one to one hundred and then I select some sums and hide the numbers around the house. The girls are then given a sum from 2x2 up to 10x10 they must give the answer then find the number that has been placed around the house. Sara and Judit have had great fun this week playing this game and I have noticed they are solving the sums faster and correctly the more we play it.
We have had a lot of fun this week playing different games and running around outside. We also made a big picture, the girls wanted to draw a fairy garden so we got a large roll of paper and Sara and Judit drew all the flowers from the garden  and  then found pictures of fairies and colored them and stuck them on the picture and little Jordi coloured in with us. Since the girls have been doing art class with Toni I have noticed a big improvement in their drawing and coloring and the picture turned out great.