dimecres, 23 de gener de 2013

What´s the time?

Sara and Judit have been working on learning the time so we came up with a new game to help us which was a lot of fun. We first of all wrote on the board at what times the girls do tasks on a day to day basis, by starting with this we can get a rough idea of morning hours and night time hours. When we determined the times we were then able to work on the clock sheet where we drew large clocks without hands and the girls then took turns to draw on a task each with the correct times. This was really good as Sara and Judit both understood the hour and minute hands and have grasped the basics and with plenty of practice the girls both tell me the time throughout the day.
The improvement this week with Sara and Judit and their times tables is amazing, we have been using oranges to help them learn the four times tables and every day they have needed them less and less and can now do most of the  math in their head. Today with both girls their Math´s work has been excellent with full marks for Judit and only one wrong for Sara!