divendres, 12 d’abril de 2013

Boats at the beach

The sunshine has really came out now and also the nice warm weather so we all decided it was warm enough to go to the beach and finally try out the boats Sara and Judit made. Firstly they made sure everything was perfect on the boats including their messages they were going to put in them, the flags with their names on it and all of thier decorations! When we got to the beach we found it to be a little bit windy and the waves were a little big so for today we decided just to try them out on the waves coming in! Sara and Judit had great fun chasing after the boats as the waves pushed them around, we attatched them to string so they would not drift away with the waves. We brought the boats back home with us as Sara and Judit did not want to let them go but keep them for another days sailing on calmer waters. Since we were at the beach we also spent some time collecting shells, Sara and Judit love to make necklaces with the shells that have holes in them so we collected a big load of them and we are planning another trip back to collect even more and find all different types.

Sara and Judits letters for inside the bottles!


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