dijous, 18 d’abril de 2013

Telling the time

We have been working alot recently on telling the time.  Sara and Judit both have printed clocks off from the computers which are very helpfull, they explain well the hours, minutes and if it is past or to the hour. So they can refer to these whenever they need a little help or are practicing. The girls are well aware of the five times table and know it well so they have been using this with reading the minutes on a clock and are starting to get used to Quarters and halves and are using their fraction work to help them. Throught the day I will call for the time and both Sara and Judit run to the clock to be first, they both seem to love that they are starting to understand it and be able to tell from just looking and not having to count all the time. We also done an exercise where the girls had to complete the questions on the board including telling how many minutes in time and also days in the week which they seem to have a really good understanding of.