dimecres, 24 d’abril de 2013

Paper mache

This week we had some fun using paper mache and balloons, Sara and Judit wanted to make scary masks with it so we made a paste of boiled water with flour and ripped up newspaper. dipping the newspaper into the paste they then covered the balloons with it and set it to dry, we had to repeat this twice to ensure it sets good and solid. When it was all dried off we cut a hole in the newspaper and popped the balloons inside, which was fun! we were then able to cut out the shapes we wanted and then Sara and Judit got to cover them with paint and glitter which they loved! they also got the chase each other around with the scary masks!

 As Hannah was coming to visit this week, Sara, Judit and Jordi wanted to make a big cake for her coming and its fair to say  it was the biggest cake we have made yet! I think Hannah was very impressed and said she thought it was very yummy!