dimarts, 2 d’abril de 2013

Easter fun

Last week we decided to have a fun day to celebrate Easter time. After all the homework was finished we started to look for fun activitys to do. Judit and Sara both decided they wanted to make chocolate easter eggs and paint them. We started by painting an egg each with different colours Sara went for a easter theme with a bunny, Judit went for bright and colourfull and Jordi managed to break two eggs but on his third attempt we got a nice colourful egg! we then scopped out all the inside and filled them with melted chocolate and while we waited for them to set we made some scrambled eggs with the insides!


 We also decided to make some different bread than usuall. When we had our dough ready we looked for some pictures of Easter bunnys and decided to shape our loaf into the shapes.
The chocolate eggs set perfectly and we decided to hide them for a mini Easter egg hunt, after Sara, Judit and Jordi all found their own and after sometime trying to peel off the shells, we had some delicious easter treats and some bunny bread!                       

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Sylvia O. ha dit...

What a wonderful Easter!!

A big kiss!

............ ha dit...

Thank you Sylvia! they had lots of fun finding chocolate eggs everywhere :-)