divendres, 29 d’agost de 2014

Home Theatre Day

The children got some great little finger puppets this week, and they were so excited to show me them in the morning. They decided that everyone should take turns to perform a story for the rest, so they set off to do just that. First they drew and coloured their characters, before writing the story and dialogue those characters would enact. Even Jordi was excited to perform a show! Despite having similar characters, everybody´s story was extremely different and unique to them. It was a great way to test their English, encourage their sense of imagination and storytelling, and give them a chance to stand up in front of everyone else. Everyone was a little stuck at first, but once they got into their stories it was very hard to get them to end it!  I noticed some small errors in their English (“It was one upon a time” instead of “once upon a time” being one clear example), but they were all small mistakes that can be corrected easily.
As everyone's stories took a long time, the video only shows a small section.