dilluns, 18 d’agost de 2014


As the weather was so nice, the girls wanted to spend the morning reading outside. They choose two collection books – one on the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairytales,  and another containing all the works of Beatrix Potter – and found a blanket for us to rest on. The relaxed environment encouraged them to read far more then they usually like to when reading in the schoolroom.  Sara read the full story of Peter Rabbit and Judit read me the tale of The Emperor´s New Clothes. In return I read them The Wild Swans and The Two Bad Mice. After every story we discussed the characters´ actions and what our favorite parts were. It is important to ask questions about the story afterwards to make sure they understand fully what they just read/listened to, and it is good to debate whether the actions of the characters is something they agree with or not. Reading also presents a chance to learn new vocabulary, and explore unusual sentence structures, and sitting outside enjoying the sun allowed us to spend longer on this kind of activity as the children were more engaged and interested.