diumenge, 29 de maig de 2016


Judit and Sara, this week, completed their understanding of passive and active sentences. Then they looked at compare and contrast conjunctions to compare two countries. They are beginning to recognise there are different forms of conjunction and these can compare and contrast two things together. Sara used these with comparing Spain to Alaska. At first they both looked at the page on Alaska and wrote down a comparison chart to decide what was the same or different between the lifestyle of children of Alaska and Spain.  
In their mental maths testing, the girls recognised that they were unsure about time and needed a bit of help especially in understanding how to use analogue time to tell the minutes to the next hour. They understood that they needed to find the hour from a written sentence and that it is represented in digital very differently. Another area of maths that Sara felt she needed to build on. She looked at multiplying and dividing by ten or hundred and she managed this very well and quickly because she was able to recognise the pattern of what was happening with numbers when increasing or decreasing them 10 or 100 times.
Sergi coloured a picture using a pattern that I devised for him and he had to complete it. He did a very good job. Everyone was impressed at how he’s able to concentrate on completing a pattern. Jordi read some words and games that had single sounds for him to practise. He still is beginning to recognise the final sound in words and sound them out. He read a book with very little help at sounding out. He was able to talk about the actions of Dan and Kat and understood why Kat was angry with Dan.

We looked at the topic of gravity in science, the girls looked at a short video that explains it and they explained a little in their own words what was going on. Sara saw what would happen to our weight if we managed to visit other planets.