dijous, 12 de maig de 2016

Perimeter and area

At the start of this week, Judit and Sara were continuing to use space and measurement Sara needed further reinforcement with finding the perimeter and area of rectangles and of compound shapes. She had to use her skills of deduction and number facts to find the value of the missing sides. She did very well at this. For compound shapes, Sara focused mainly on finding the perimeter. She will, next time, be able to look for area of compound shapes. Judit moved on from this to look at volume and capacity of cubes and rectangles. She quickly recognised the link to finding area to volume by finding the base of the shape first then multiplying by height. We had to be super aware of how to change the measuring units to cm - cm2 – cm3.  Judit will next time be looking at finding the area of different quadrilaterals and polygonal shapes. We ended the week by looking at some fraction work. Judit multiplied fractions and Sara looked at equivalent fractions with the help of a division wall.
Jordi was continuing to do some work based on counting back. We are still reinforcing counting up to 20 and Jordi still needs some support in recognising that the number he needs to say after 12 is 13, but he is recognising the number symbols. We took away from amounts up to thirteen today. Jordi counted the amount and crossed out the coins that we took away then he counted the remainder. He did very well, he just needs to count more slowly and check twice if he got it right.
In his English work, Jordi was able to start reading some simple sentences this week. He can blend some sounds together much faster to make words and he recognises words better now because of the sounds that build them up. This shows that he is on the right tracks to show he is nearly ready to try out some independent reading. This means reading without the help but the supervision from an adult. By the end of next week, I will test out if he can understand the words in a sentence or wat the sentence means. Reading for contextual understanding.

In their English, Judit and Sara are exploring the non-fiction style of writing based on children living in different countries. We are focusing on autobiographical and report styles. This will be continued into the next week too.