diumenge, 8 de maig de 2016

The beast with a thousand teeth

The children discovered a website for their science, this week called ‘Food n me’. The website carried an important learning message about the amount of sugar, salt and oil that can be found in different foods, especially some sugary foods and fast foods. They could work out if their day-to-day diets were healthy. We discovered that there is surprisingly a lot of sugar, salt and oil in some of the foods that we eat such as milkshakes or pizza, which are not good to eat all of the time.
In our English, we continued with the theme of legends. We compared a story written by Terry Jones called ‘The Beast with a Thousand teeth.’ Using this story we compared the story to the story we read last week.  ‘George and the dragon’ and we decided what was the same and different with both of them using a comparison chart. The girls understood that the beast with a thousand teeth was full of humour that the reader could laugh at, whereas the George and the dragon story was quite serious. Later in the week, we went on to watch a short film in two parts called ‘the dragon slayer’
The film showed a knight who had the mission to hunt and kill dragons. The first part of the story revealed the knight’s character to be brave, strong, ugly and unkind. (They used some of the words from last week). We also had a go with writing the story opening and using conjunctions to sequence the events correctly in the story.  Then the next day the girls watched the story all the way from the beginning to the end. Now it was interesting how the girls decided that the dragon slayer was no longer unkind but he had to become caring and no longer the brave knight but a carer to the baby dragons. The girls, used the film and the vocabulary we collected to create a story narrative for the dragon slayer. Judit described the setting with strong description and emotive language. Sara, knows that she has to develop this, but she listened to advice to what she has to do in her next writing.
In their maths, Jordi was learning to count down from 10. Sergi is recognising how to count up to 10. Jordi successfully had a go with maths stories with subtraction. He checked how many mice had gone away from the total. We are concentrating on counting back in ones at the moment. He read two books this week called ‘Kit’s kip’ and ‘Kit and dog’. He was practicing words that contain ‘o’ and ‘I’ in the middle. Jordi is having less help from me to read now.
The girls were calculating area and perimeter of rectangles and compound shapes this week. Judit and Sara learnt the difference between perimeter and area and carried out their calculations carefully.