diumenge, 22 de maig de 2016

Fractions and decimals

Judit and Sara focused this week on using fractions. We looked together at using fractions of a whole. Sara had to work out a fraction of a hundred and convert the fraction into a decimal. She solved the patterns and rules. Judit worked on converting denominators of the fraction to find the common multiple, she learned that what she multiplied with the denominator she had to multiply with the numerator also. Then she was ready to add fraction amounts together. She was able to find fraction pairs to make a total of one.
The rest of the week in maths the girls learned fractions in context of measurement. They played a matching game with different measurements to score points. They discovered that ½ a meter is the same as 50 centimeters. They were then able to transfer these ideas into answering questions based on real life problems with measurement and fractions. Jordi had learned to count in units of measure before using a ruler. He also counted down from ten in some jumping games.
The girls had a focus in looking at true and false questions based on France. They answered the questions then skimmed and scanned the text to check if they were correct with their decisions. In their grammar work, Judit had looked at rearranging sentences for better effect and Sara wrote a paragraph in the third person using character names and the pronouns he, she, it and they. They both tried recognising sentences that are active and passive and noticing how a sentence can be rearranged in the active and passive voice.

Jordi played some word /sound recognition games. He is developing the patience and the ability to concentrate on the initial sound of the words and check through the word to find out if it was the word I chose for him. He was able to read the book ‘Sid did it’ by using his sounding skills and recognised some repetition with the words in the text. He was able to tell me in his own words what was happening in the story and explained his views about the actions and choices of the book characters.