dijous, 21 de febrer de 2013

Fairy cakes

Today we decided to do some baking and as always we wanted something really sweet and tasty so we decided to go for fairy cakes. Sara and Judit were in charge of the whole process so from the start they followed the recipe getting all the ingredients they needed and measuring out the amounts. They then mixed everything together with Jordi´s help and put them in the oven to bake but also keeping notes of the time so they would know when to take them out. When they were ready we got to do the most fun bit with loads of jam and icing! Little Jordi made one cake by himself from start to finish including cutting it, icing it and eating it! We had so much fun but also the girls and Jordi were all learning while baking without even realizing it oh and of course we got to eat the cakes

Today in the park with their friends. They had lots of fun playing, talking, cycling and running. It was Mar´s birthday and she brought a cake for all of us!