dilluns, 18 de febrer de 2013

Language games

This week I have been working with Sara and Judit on their language and improving their vocabulary, as you will see from the video both Sara and Judits English is excellent but we wanted to find ways to help them and build their vocabulary so we made some games up. First of all Sara and Judit had to make up a story and take a part each continuing on from where the other finished off, this was great because the girls had no idea what the other would say and they were made to really think fast but as you can see this was not a problem for either of them and they really show their creativity and imagination. The next game for us was a version of stop the bus! In this game we would randomly choose a letter from the alphabet and Sara and Judit had to list five words begining with this letter and first one to finish with all the words correct won. The girls really enjoyed this and it was good to see them work so fast.
As always there was also plenty time for fun dancing, playing musical statues and boardgames this weeks favourite was dominos and connect four!