divendres, 1 de febrer de 2013

Spelling competition

This week Sara and Judit have been having a competition with their diarys, everyday after they write the page they are checking all of the spelling is correct with their spelling  books and the dictionary. When they  are finished I mark them and we keep a note of how many spelling mistakes there are. Every day this week we have kept a note of this and on Friday we count it up and winner gets a choose a treat for Friday! The girls have really enjoyed this and everyday they have tried so hard to get no mistakes. This week Sara was the winner and the both girls are already talking about who iss going to do best next week!
Sara and Judit have showed great improvement with their math´s also and have been working with the times tables. On Monday they were using oranges to help them but by Friday they do not need any props and are doing the 2, 3 and 4 times tables with no difficulty. This past few weeks Jordi has started to  speak a lot more English, although he understands it, until now he has not spoke it but this week we have had him using English words and he is even saying please and thank you!