divendres, 8 de febrer de 2013

Words, storys and chocolate

So we have had a busy week this week between homework, drawing, making up new games and baking. Firstly this week Sara and judit have been working hard on thier spelling and pronouinciation, last week we identified the problems each were having with different letters or words so this week we have been working on them and they have both made a big improvement. We used a worksheet and randomly choose a letter and the girls had to pronunce the letter and word they gave for it before writing it down and thinking about the spelling, this was a great excersice as it made both Sara and Judit really think about the sounds and they used the alphabet to help them.
Sara and Judit both wrote storys this week and typed them out on their computers and found pictures to go with the storys and the results were great.
Also as always we always manage to find time to bake some treats and this week it was a big chocolate with loads of chocolate icing (saras choice) and it was delicious and sure enough Sara, Judit and Jordi helped me with the cleaning up by licking the chocolate out the bowl!!