divendres, 17 de maig de 2013

Creative writing

This week I have been surprised to find how much of an improvement both Sara and Judit have made over the  last few weeks with handwriting and spelling as well as using better grammar. We have been working a lot recently on this and now the hard work is really paying off and both Sara and Judit are thriving from their achievements. This week we decided to use these new skills and start writing some stories but wanting the girls to use their imagination better we started by making notes, Sara and Judit chose who their main characters were going to be and from there we took notes of all different things, including what they looked like, what they sounded like, where they lived. this helped the girls understand when they write a story they must let the reader draw a picture in their minds and also use their imagination to create all these details. After taking notes they then got started and continued working on this over a few days. Finally typed up on the computers and with pictures to compliment the stories, Sara and Judit produced some excellent work using all the good ideas they thought up and putting it into a story.

Also this week as a reward for all the hard work we had a baking afternoon so as always this mean chocolate faces, sugar hands and licking all the bowls and spoons! Today we made chocolate brownie cupcakes with sugar icing topping and cheese biscuits in some random shapes!