divendres, 10 de maig de 2013

Fun with science

This week we have had a Science week! Sara and Judit found some experiments in some science books we were working from and really got enthusiastic about trying out different experiments and finding out how and why things happen. First of all we made some quick sand or hard goo as Sara and Judit preferred! This is a very simple but fun activity, mixing only corn flour with water gives you instant quicksand. Sara, Judit and Jordi were all really impressed that they could punch the liquid very hard to find a solid surface yet still pick it up and let it fall through their hands in liquid form. Next we decided to see what would happen when an egg is left in vinegar over night. We kept a close eye on the eggs all day and the next morning we were all impressed to see they were still in egg form but with no shell, we even took them outside and bounced them off the ground and for a little while before they finally burst we had some real egg bouncy balls! Next and on to finding out how water moves through tissue paper from one glass to another, this again was left over night and in the morning we were all really surprised with the results. Finally for the week we froze ice blocks the day before and using them we added salt to show how it will melt the ice, to see exactly what happens and how the salt works through it we added some food colouring which showed Sara and Judit exactly where the salt was breaking down the ice and even the little tunnels that formed deep into the blocks.