divendres, 24 de maig de 2013

The bottle boat (part 1)

This week the sun has came out which allowed up to do the things we have wanted to do but needed sunshine. Most of the week we have done homework outside and for science this week we looked at different trees, bushes and flowers. Sara and Judit both have science books that we worked from and as we explored the garden the girls got a good understanding of different plants and how things grow. We also had a challenge at the end when Sara and Judit had to identify different types and run around counting them which they had fun with.

This week as the sun finally came out we got back to building our boat! Since we started saving plastic bottles we have managed to collect well over one hundred so plenty to fit us on. So the first thing we did after counting all the bottles was to decide on the shape we wanted to make, Sara and Judit looked through lots of boats and rafts but decided to go for the traditional boat shape. We then started with endless supplies of kitchen film and different types of sticky tape and began by sticking the bottles together in manageable groups of five, when this was complete we lay the bottles out to make our shape and from here we were able to see where we needed more and where needed less bottles. Sara and Judit really surprised me  with their forward thinking and understanding. So as you will see from our video we have our basic shape complete  and our next bottle boat day will hopefully be putting it all together and making our oars which we are also going to use bottles for!