divendres, 14 de juny de 2013


This week we have been working on maps and directions and Sara and Judit have been learning how to read them and find their way around without help. Normally when we go out to the shop, the park or the beach all three children don´t tend to notice things around them, therefor if we go to a different shop but walk the same direction as normal they seem to find themselves seeing places they have walked past before but to them it is like seeing it for the very first time. So this week we decided on our destination and printed off maps from the internet, starting from the house the girls had to read the lines on the maps to figure out which direction to go. Along the way they were both taking notes of buildings, shops and parks that stood out to them and they would remember so they could draw their own maps using these points and also find their way by looking for these points. When we got back Sara and Judit made their own maps of how to get back to the same place using pictures and names of all the shops they noticed. Now we are able to return to the same place and both girls can now lead the way with no help from me only using their memorys and if needed the maps the made. They have enjoyed this activity so much, seeing and learning new places around them that we have now started a folder we can build our map collections of the town!!