dijous, 20 de juny de 2013

Word games

This week we have spent loads of time outdoors including a trip to the beach to do homework and also exploring our surroundings and visiting the shops for anything we need, Also this week Sara and Judit wrote a letter and managed to buy the stamp it post it without my help! We have been working a lot as usual on English and we played a few of our favorite games including the alphabet game where Sara and Judit, as fast as they can must shout out a word for each letter  we go through. This is always fun as they are really put under pressure but it is great for getting them thinking on their feet.  After this we used the word cards, one game we played was find the missing word where I would read out a sentence and the girls had to figure out and find the missing word from hidden word cards. This is always good as it allows the girls to run around having fun while learning at the same time. Also today we worked on questions and which words used at the start of words would form a question  and they would then give examples of this.

 We discussed this week how the sun made you feel nice and active and healthy so Sara and Judit decided for treat they wanted to make smoothies, so we went on a trip to the local fruit shop for everything we needed and then they got blending everything together! They really enjoyed the smoothies and it was good for Sara, Judit and Jordi to see all the fresh fruit going into it and really enjoy making it.