dilluns, 8 de setembre de 2014

Funny cupcakes

Hello, my name is Rosa and I have recently joined the family as an au pair for the children. The children learn in an active way rather than through subjects. We work with projects so the children  can incorporate different aspects of their learning into one activity. This particular activity was created to help with their maths and science skills, but also their English. As seen in the video, the children had to work out the correct measurements needed for the amount of people who would be eating the cake, as well as this they were able to incorperate science by watching how the cakes changed consistency when they were in the oven. Additionally all of the children were able to practice their english skills by speaking to us and answering questions about the project while they were doing it. By setting projects for the children rather than having them learn in the traditional way helps to keep the childrens mind active and make learning more fun for both the children and us as au pairs.