dijous, 30 d’abril de 2015

The calendar Project

To make this project the girls had to research celebrations that are celebrated in Ireland, England and Spain such as Christmas, Easter, Fathers day, Mothers day, Halloween, Valentines day (Celebrated in Ireland on the 14th of February every year it is like St Jordi, all the girls get a card wrote to them and a present such as flowers, chocolates  or something the girl would like such as a bracelet and the boys get a card wrote to them and also a present they would like, St Jordi, Kings day, Tia etc)
We then got a big page of card ruled out lines and the girls wrote in the numbers 1-31 so cover all the dates in a month. They then wrote the days of the week                Monday- Friday under that, on top of the card they had a section for the month of the year and at the other side the seasons. On separate pieces of paper the girls wrote each season, each day of the week and each Month of the year and all the different celebrations. So when it is the 1st of May the girls will stick the month of May sticker beside month, the summer sticker beside season, the sticker Friday over the day Friday on the calendar. We also have a sticker that says “Today” that is put on the number of the day of the week such as 1 for the 1st of May. Then through the girls are to put the sticker of any celebration that may be happening in that month on that day so it can be talked about all through out that month.