divendres, 12 de juliol de 2013

Baking day!

Today after homework as a treat for doing so well all week we decided to spend the whole morning baking! Sara and Judit wanted to make treats to share with their friends so first of all they decided on what to make and then we headed to the shops with their shopping lists. Sara and Judit do all the shopping without my help and I also ask them to lead me the way there, which they can now do with no problems. So as soon as we got back home we started first on the big cake, the children could not agree if they wanted plain sponge or chocolate so they compromised and made a half and half cake! They did however both agree on chocolate topping with lots of sweeties! We also make some mini cupcakes and chocotale lollypops. As always the girls are in charge of the baking, the timings and the orginisation which they cope with really well. Jordi also really chipped in by cleaning the dishes while the cakes were baking! After a full day of baking and cleaning up we were left with some of the most fun, delicious looking cakes and Sara, Judit and Jordi cant wait to share them with their friends.