divendres, 19 de juliol de 2013

Heartbeat tests

This week we have spent time studying the human body and mainly the heart and how it beats and circulates oxygen around our bodies. Today Sara and Judit spend time discovering what a pulse is and where on the body you could find it. When we found our pulses and took it in turns to find each others we decided to count how many beats per minute our heart went. First of all Sara took hers by using her two fingers on her neck and counted how many beats per minute, Judit then went next using her wrist and her chest to count hers. We took a note of the results and to show how this increased we set a test, both Sara and Judit ran full speed around the garden then came back and retook their pulses. They were surprised to see how much this increased but they also understood the reason it had speed up so much was in order for the body to get more oxygen around. They really enjoyed this excercise and it is a fantastic way for children to learn about and the body.