dijous, 4 de juliol de 2013


This week’s movie is to showcase the level Sara and Judit are both working on at their daily homework tasks. Their diaries and maths is something they complete daily and they level they work at is exceptional. Every day they write  the diary then they spend time to check over it using the dictionary and the spelling books they keep, this is really good for them to spot errors while rereading their work rather than someone else having to point it out to them. After they have completed it is then read aloud and checked over. As you can see, the handwriting, spelling and reading in a second language is amazing. As well as the high level they achieve with their English work, Sara and Judit are at a very high level with the maths work they do. The last few weeks they have both been working really hard on divisions and the results are already showing. Also Jordi loves to do his homework and be like his sisters so notice a little clip of him working on his book drawing shapes!