divendres, 17 d’octubre de 2014

Gaudí Project - Part 3

A fun activity to try when studying any artist is to attempt to recreate their style. For children, it gives them a chance to expand their creativity and shows to adults they understand why the artist´s individual style is important.
On the way to buy the items we needed for our own Gaudi project, the girls spotted a building they thought could be by Gaudi, and even explained to me how it could be by Gaudi. “Look at how the windows are!”  Judit pointed out and Sara noticed the use of colour and mosaic and likened it to Gaudi´s work. Then when we were looking at the various papers we could use in the shop, it was the girls who discovered the paper modelled after Gaudi´s work.  I was both impressed and pleased – it shows just how much they have learnt over the time of our short project.
Sara chooses a box and Judit choose a dinosaur – the closest thing she could find to the famous Gaudi dragon, and a tie-in to their next project. The girls covered the card  in paint-glue, then teared off pieces of the Gaudi-styled deco paper to recreate his famous mosaic style. The girls really enjoyed this project, and we are all pleased with the finished pieces!