dijous, 14 de juny de 2012

75 - 59 is...

Today, the girls wanted to work on their Maths. Since they finally understand more differcult sums than before, they insist on doing lots of maths each day! Judit can finish a sheet of basic sums in under a minute, and Sara isn´t too far behind! They also wanted to do lots of reading today - Judit ended up reading me three books in a row!

Judit decided to draw her own picture for completeing three pages correctly!

Then asked that I wrote her some harder ones!

Judit also likes to help make lunch - Sara too, depending on what we´re making! Judit cooked the eggs today, after doing a wonderful job last week! They decided that we´ll have to make some cookies soon, which will put those great math skills to good use!


The girls also decided I should have a break today, and Sara informed me "We´re going to tidy up okay Hannah? You go play!". I was just hoping they´d sweep the floor and clean the dishes but look at the results in the pictures below!

And a bonus clip of Sara reading to us while we made lunch!