dijous, 7 de juny de 2012


For the past few days, we have been focusing on Maths; long addition, long divison, and just small sums in general. Each day they practice at least two sheets worth, and they are becoming much quicker at answering now. They have started using addition outside of homework more too, without help, or sometimes even prompt! I think they are beginning to see just how important maths is in our lives, which is good, as they have a business to run!

I didn´t include any pictures because we´ve also been focusing on something else lately, and I want to also focus our blog post on it! As shown many times so far, the girls are really good at writing for their age. Although as always at that age (and even when we are older!), we need to work on our spelling, and volcab. However, they are learning lots of new words each day - if they don´t know a word, they are always quick to ask what it means!

I wanted to show some videos of their reading lately, and to go with all the photos about how well they write English, I wanted to try and show how well they speak it! (However, they are a little shy at speaking in front of the Camera... we shall have to work on this as well!)

^ We tried making our own stories together, and here´s one the girls came up with!
^(Slightly Camera-Shy) Girls speaking English!